How can I change the favicon?

The easiest way of changing the favicon on our themes is by using a favicon upload panel, available in theme customizer.

  1. Go to theme customizer section.
  2. Navigate to “Site title & Tagline” section.
  3. There you can see option available to upload your favicon.
Favicon Upload
Favicon Upload

We have provided most comprehensive favicon upload panel for you. Here you can not only upload standard *.ico file but can also upload *.png file.

There are 5 different upload controls.

If you want to just upload single favicon for all devices, you should use option Favicon for other devices. And it will use this font for all kind of devices.

But if you want to upload different high quality favicon for iOS devices, we have 4 controls available for you.

1) Favicon for iPhone (57×57 size).
2) Favicon for iPad (76×76 size).
3) Favicon for iPhone – Retina (120×120 size).
4) Favicon for iPad – Retina (152×152 size).