Widget areas

Here is a list of widget areas that are included in this theme


The default sidebar visible on Blog and Pages with sidebar template

Footer Widgets (1 – 4 columns)

This widget area is the most power widgets area you have seen. It not only allows you to select between, 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns or 4 columns for widgets, but allows you different variants of these (different width for each column), and if you don’t like default column widths, you can even apply your own widths (Theme uses Bootstrap columns, so you can easily apply something like col-lg-3 or col-lg-4 classes to each widget column using relevant filter hooks).

That is not it, by default theme allows you to have single row of widgets, but you can add as many rows as you want by defining number of rows using child theme.

Like sidebar, you can even disable / hide Footer Widgets completely if you don’t like it.

Header Branding

This area is specifically designed to allow you to add advertisement banners and such, you can use it for any purpose you like.

It only works if you enable “Header Branding” area and select “Show Widget(s)” in “Header Right Side” dropdown selection (Customizer Setting).